An initiative by CULT OF ONE aimed at giving back to the community. Using the skill set I have been lucky enough to attain and with the support of your self and other like minded individuals, this project is focused on providing those less fortunate with commodities they so desperately need.


It is quite simple really. The process is broken up into three parts:

INITIATION, we kick off you. Find the support option that works best for you. There is really no need to go and  break the bank, every little bit helps, so find the contribution that works best for you and lets work with that.

Next we have PRODUCTION, this is where I do my thing. True to the CULT OF ONE belief, each piece will be handmade, packed and prepared for the final stage.

Finally we have the most important part DISTRIBUTION, once everything is done and ready, I personally set out to distribute your support.

Simple as that, three basic steps to changing someones life.

You are such an important part of this project, without you, there is so little that can be done. So I encourage you to touch base with me and let me know what you think or what I can do to improve DENIM FOR BREAD.


Good question, the aim here is to find the best way to link yourself, my work and someone in need. To make this a little easier I’ve explored a couple option, find the one that suites you best and we can take it from there.


So you want to support from this very site, thats awesome. In order to support, simply select the appropriately marked ‘DENIM FOR BREAD’ items in the online store, checkout and I’ll do the rest.

Think of it as shopping, but shopping for someone who can’t shop for them self.


Maybe a monthly contribution works a little better for you, fantastic. Through Patreon you will be able to contribute an amount of your choosing every month to support DENIM FOR BREAD. Once you’ve setup your Patreon account and signed up as a supporter, you monthly contribution will be resolved without you having to even think of it.

Plus you’ll receive a couple extras for you support, details available on Patreon.


Maybe you can’t afford to support, there is nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of ways you can contribute to DENIM FOR BREAD, the most powerful being your word of mouth. If you think what I am doing here is a good thing and want to share it with the world, then thats perfect.

Like, follow and share CULT OF ONE on your favorite social media platform and encourage your friends and family to do the same. The more people that know, the more we can grow.

Maybe you have a brilliant plan to take this project to the next level, fantastic, let me know and we can work on it.


For more information or if you have a cunning plan to make this better, feel free to contact me. Either on this very contact sheet, or alternatively drop me a mail at dom@cult-of-one.com I’m always happy to chat and discuss all things indigo.

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