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Run boy run, this world is not made for you.

Versatile strapping system and durable design detailing, the core ideals of the scout pack. Made to offer variations allowing for ease of use, while extra focus is applied to add additional seam strength and provide a hardier load bearing capability.

With a its easily adjusted strapping system, the scout pack is interchangeable as a raw and comfortable back back or as arigid and trustworthy sling bag. The strapping system makes use of heavy weight 40mm cotton tape, linked with 45mm nickel loops connected into the body by means of additional heavy weight tape support bands. The strap is set as a single band to maintain the tensile strength of the tape and allow simple adjustments for length and preferred carry style.

The facing side is strapped with an additional tape support to hold internal load, while the 45mm nickel clip and D-ring allows for external additions and extra storage space. The body is also equipped with a easy access pocket, leading to the individual pouch or directly into the body of the bag for quick access.

Closure of the bag is maintained with a type five heavy duty metal zip, secured under a tamperproof band running the length of the pack.

Seams are double secured with 24s core spun poly cotton with extra attention to load bearing seams offering additional weight allowances.

As part of THE DEVIL OF DETAIL collection, each pack is hand embroidered with the collection icon.


450mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 150mm (D)


13oz Right hand twill raw denim


All pieces are made to order, please allow for 5 for crafting and dispatch.


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