The second of a three-piece set designed and made for three individuals who have influenced my Denim obsession. Based on the individual with the most steadfast and hard wearing personality, the design is based on the nature of his character and his hard working and determined personality.

The main idea behind this piece is reflective of his character, quality and simplicity,  paired with functionality and purpose. Elements are placed, attached and designed to work with practical and logical application. Trims are made to be easily adapted and have an industrial quality.

The body itself is made from 13oz Cone Mill, right hand weave, selvedge denim, while the backing is a 9oz Cone Mill selvage duck. Neck strap is made of 4mm thick, locally sourced leather with the back straps being made of 40mm cotton woven tape. All hardware is made of commonly found steel industrial elements, namely 5mm screws, washers and wing nuts. Easily replaced and refitted.

Denim and Leather are dry handled through production and finished with an all natural, hydrophobic coating, applied by hand over two days. Treatment was done 11 months prior to shooting. Garment has been worn and coating has settled into the yarn.


DATE: December 2014

CLIENT: Thomas van Zyl


28 / Jul