The conclusion to the set of three aprons designed and made for three individuals who have influenced my Denim obsession. Designed for the collector, the one who appreciates the final product and believes in the value of time and process to create a product that is unique and imbued with the process itself.

Conceptually this piece is made with hidden value, elaboration on detail and intricacy of design. Using more unnatural folding of the fabric and excessively heavy detailing in the stitch work, the makeup time makes this a highly processed piece. Selected seams are constructed with four to six individual techniques to conclude the design.

The body itself is made from 13oz Cone Mill, right hand weave, selvedge denim, while the backing is a 9oz Cone Mill selvage duck. Neck strap is capped with 4mm thick leather while the volume of the strap is made of 40mm cotton tape. All trim detailing is locally sourced. Metal trims, namely buttons and rivets are finished with a rubber coating. All processing is done manually, piece by piece.

While the trims are highly processed and the manufacture is excessive, the body is left in its purest form, dry handled and untreated to allow for maximum adaptation to the wearer, while contrasting strongly with the processed additions.


DATE: August 2015

CLIENT: James Cambell Miller



28 / Jul