One of a three-piece set designed and made for three individuals who have influenced my Denim obsession. Based on the individual I have know the longest of the three, this design is based on the ethos of his character and his dedication to his passions.

The two main influences on the design are based on his belief of the right tool being used for the right job and his natural nautical direction, present in both his occupation and his constant relentlessness.

There are four areas to the fabrication of the piece. The body itself is made from 13oz Cone Mill, right hand weave, selvedge denim. The backing is a 9oz Cone Mill selvage duck, also present on pocket bags and knife sheath. Strap guides and knife sheath guard are made and reinforced with heavy weight locally sourced leather and the straps are concluded with 11mm cotton cord.

The denim and leather have been handled with a dye production process, to allow for wearers influence on the fabric. However the body has been hand coated with an all natural, hydrophobic coating, applied over the space of two days.

All Trim details are applied with 5mm straight head screws and washers to allow for both alteration and easy replacement.


DATE: December 2014

CLIENT: Paul Murray



28 / Jul