They go everywhere with you, they live your life with you and they take a beating. With every wear your denims becomes a much more vivid reflection of you.

Telling your story while picking up scars, the truest companion that grows with you. Like all good adventures sometimes they need a bit of patching up.

To repair is to respect. With every scratch, patch and broken slash your denims become more unique and more like you. Who really wants to be the same, your story is so much more interesting.


It happens, sometimes your out and you hook your leg, you knee blows out or you decide to bury your denims for a couple months. All perfectly reasonable and purely coincidental situation which leave your denims a little rough around the edges.

Beautiful fades and scars that need a little attention, but damn they look good.



Every pair is different and every piece needs a special touch, from hand darning to sashiko stitching. For all the adventures you have experienced together, your denims really do deserve a little TLC.

A new edge to their already rich character and better than store bought. Why be the same when you can be unique and custom hand repair is exactly that.

To repair is to respect.


For more information or to get a quote, feel free to contact me. Either on this very contact sheet, or alternatively drop me a mail at I’m always happy to chat and discuss all things indigo.

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