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Sashiko…. You know that stitch that all the denim heads obsessively talk about and for some reason, always brings up weird rope porn when you spell it wrong in google.

Want to lear how to do it?
The stitch… Not the rope one. Well lets give it a go.

Sashiko (which brilliantly means ‘little stabs’), is a traditional Japanese decorative stitch used for reinforcement and repair. In the denim world, its an iconic repair stitch usually used to bring your old faithfuls back to life.
As a denim head, I’m a firm believer in repairing rathe than replacing so lets get into a quick guide.

What you’ll need:
Busted old denim
ThreadNo need to get complicated, if you have Sashiko thread great. If you don’t, use what you have embroidery thread or even regular 120s will be perfect. Double/Triple up your threads to add some volume.
PatchAnything goes really if you have some selvedge denim, give it a go. If you have some printed cotton great. Just have fun.

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